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Common On-the-Job Injuries Among Firefighters: How Chiropractic Care Can Help

Firefighting is a highly dangerous job. The flames are only a fraction of the risk you will experience as a firefighter. Running in and out of burning buildings as a first responder means there is a high chance of slamming into an object or structures falling on you. Therefore, one can assume that injuries are […]

Common On-the-Job Police Officer Injuries: How Chiropractic Care Can Help

Police officers help maintain law and order across the country. It’s hard to imagine what our society would look like without them. If you’re a local police officer, you know the job can take a heavy toll. Dr. McSweeney and the team at Mount Prospect Health Center, the leading chiropractor in Newark, NJ, look at some […]

The Benefits of Physical Therapy After a Car Accident

While many treatments can provide instant pain relief, they don’t facilitate long-term recovery. Participating in physical therapy in Newark, NJ, can help you truly recover from your injuries. However, many patients become frustrated with the prolonged healing process associated with PT treatments.  Mount Prospect Health Center outlined some benefits of physical therapy below to motivate you […]

Can a Chiropractor Help With Inflammation? – A Car Accident Guide

Do you need the best car accident injury treatment in Newark, NJ? Contact our experts today! Your body’s natural response to a sudden injury is to release inflammatory cells throughout the system to help start the healing process. Car accident injuries trigger the release of inflammatory cells and may leave collision victims wondering: Can a […]

How Can a Chiropractor Help Restore the Range of Motion After a Car Accident?

Do you need to restore your range of motion after a car accident? Call Mount Prospect Health Center at 973-485-2332. Can a chiropractor help with range of motion? Many patients ask this question after experiencing car accidents that result in painful joint and muscle injuries. Even at low speeds, a car collision can cause injuries […]

The Role of Chiropractors in Treating Back and Neck Pain After a Car Accident

The Role of Chiropractors in Treating Back and Neck Pain After a Car Accident

If you’re looking for a caring and knowledgeable back pain chiropractor, call our Mount Prospect Health Center team at 973-485-2332. If you recently experienced a car accident, you may have sustained a back injury during the event. Spinal cord and whiplash injuries are two common injuries that victims suffer from after an auto accident. Thus, […]

Can a Chiropractor Fix Dowager’s Hump?

Can a Chiropractor Fix Dowagers Hump

Looking for a way to fix Dowager’s hump? Call Mount Prospect Health Center at 973-485-2332! Spinal problems can affect anyone at any point in their life, especially those with desk jobs and sedentary lifestyles. These problems can range dramatically in severity and worsen if left untreated. The good news is that Dowager’s hump and other […]

Can I Call a Chiropractor for Knee Injury Help?

Chiropractor for Knee Injury

When you need a chiropractor for knee injury management in Newark, NJ, call (973) 485-2332 for scheduling and assistance. The knee takes on a lot of responsibility as a major part of our body and mobility. As such, knee injuries can cause severe pain and general discomfort. Some of this pain can impact basic life […]

The Different Chiropractic Techniques That Help Relieve Pain

The Different Chiropractic Techniques That Help Relieve Pain

If you struggle to manage pain, it may be time to see a chiropractor. These qualified professionals have all the tools and wisdom they need to administer safe and effective treatment.  Still, not all chiropractic techniques yield the same advantages.  Chiropractors at Mount Prospect Health Center summarize how these various treatment options relieve pain. When […]