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Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy in Newark, NJ

National Highway Transportation Safety Administration statistics show that, in 2019, vehicle crashes cost American taxpayers $340 billion—$1,035 for each American citizen. The fiscal impact of car crashes may be significant, but the human cost far exceeds any amount of money.

Car accidents ruin lives. Victims experience deep trauma, including various physical injuries. Appropriate and thorough medical care could help individuals recover and regain a sense of normalcy. Mount Prospect Health Center provides physical therapy in Newark, NJ, to help car crash survivors recover and heal.

Our post-car accident physical therapy services leverage expert care and state-of-the-art equipment to put you on the path to recovery. However, patients suffering from injuries unrelated to a car crash may still benefit from physical therapy.

The Goals of Physical Therapy

A physical therapist places their patient’s well-being above all else. Prioritizing specific goals empowers them to tailor treatment to each patient’s needs. More and more Americans are turning to physical therapy, as Bureau of Labor Statistics data predict the profession will grow by 17 percent between 2021 and 2031.

Overall Wellness

Physical therapy improves patient wellness. Reducing pain and targeting pressure points releases tension within the body. Physical therapists believe that healing one part of the body improves other injuries and that holistic, comprehensive healing is the best course of action.

Strength and Flexibility

Improving patient strength and flexibility, whether after a car accident or any other injury, is crucial. Patients receiving physical therapy after a car accident often find that their damaged tissues and ligaments heal, improving their overall condition. Stretches, exercises, and massage techniques direct blood flow to damaged tissues, accelerating their recovery.

Patients keen on improving their strength and flexibility should consider physical therapy in Newark, NJ.

Range of Motion

All too often, injuries restrict muscle and limb movement. Whiplash, a common car accident injury, occurs when the neck over-extends, resulting in limited movement. Because of damaged muscles, the head and neck can’t properly turn or move.

Physical therapists loosen muscles using their expert touch. With time, these muscles regain their strength, and patients slowly extend their range of motion back to an appropriate level.

How Physical Therapy Treats Specific Injuries

No two patients are the same. Physical therapists recognize that patients experience different problems. However, physical therapy can treat an array of injuries.

Head, Neck, and Shoulder Pain

As stated, car accidents often cause whiplash. However, head, neck, and shoulder pain can occur for other reasons. Regardless of the cause, physical therapists specialize in treating this type of pain.

Inflammation due to whiplash causes tension and stress. Therefore, relieving that inflammation should be your top priority. Physical therapists can stretch the neck using manual or massage therapy, which reduces inflammation by decreasing cytokine production.

Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain can be debilitating. Patients often struggle to maintain proper posture when suffering from back pain, and, in some circumstances, walking may seem difficult. Physical therapists home in on the lower back’s role as a support for the rest of the body.

Physical therapists know how to strengthen muscles and relieve inflammation in this region. By decreasing pain and soreness in the lower back, patients may experience positive changes to their health elsewhere in their body.

Muscle Strains and Sprains

Muscle strains and sprains may seem like a relatively small problem. However, even smaller muscle tears can lead to significant issues. Micro-tears evade immediate detection, only to cause pain and distress at a later date.

While muscle strains and sprains can occur anywhere in the body, patients often experience micro-tears in the arms, legs, and feet. Physical therapists specialize in handling micro-tears, strains, and sprains, leveraging multiple techniques to relieve inflammation and pain.

The Treatment Process

Physical therapy is a patient-oriented form of healthcare. You are included at every step of the process. After you request an appointment, your providers start working on your behalf.

Your team begins by creating an individualized, tailor-made plan based on your circumstances and needs. This broad-range plan informs each session’s mission. Treatment goals generally stay the same and may include healing from injuries, preventing future issues, reducing stress, and achieving better fitness.

During the initial consultation, your provider may also determine whether another type of treatment would work well paired with physical therapy. Some patients greatly benefit from chiropractic care in conjunction with physical therapy in Newark, NJ.

Over the course of several weeks or months, you and your care team will work toward your goals. You will perform certain stretches and exercises designed to strengthen your body. You may also gradually improve your range of motion and accomplish any other goals you have set out.

By the time your treatment program ends, you may feel comfortable and secure knowing you’ve accomplished great things. Physical therapy outcomes are fairly robust. A 2018 study found that 100 physical therapy patients experienced statistically significant increases in their health compared to a control group.

Contact Mount Prospect Health Center for Physical Therapy

Mount Prospect Health Center shines as a reliable, world-class provider of physical therapy for whiplash and other health conditions. We’re conveniently located in downtown Newark, NJ. Our front desk team greets all patients with a smile.

Whether you’re a new or returning patient, we can provide dependable and honest care. We treat our patients the way we would want to be treated.

Call Mount Prospect Health Center at (973) 485-2332 to schedule physical therapy for whiplash or any other condition in Newark, NJ. Our doctors accept most insurance plans, including workers’ compensation, no-fault, and PIP (personal injury protection). Same-day appointments may be available.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, there are no risks, and patients routinely experience worthwhile benefits.

No, physical therapy shouldn’t cause intense pain. Light discomfort and soreness may occur, however.

The average physical therapy regimen lasts 30 to 90 minutes per session for two to three sessions per week.

At Mount Prospect Health Center we provide Physical Therapy in order to promote mobility, strengthening, and increase functioning while eliminating pain. Some of the physical therapy techniques used in our practice are manual therapy, massage, heat or cold therapy and therapeutic exercises.

During your first visit, our physical therapist will do a thorough examination of your condition and will help you establish your goals to then develop a treatment plan to work with you.

Our goal is to combine both therapies (Chiropractic and Physical therapy) to help you reduce the pain while improving your mobility so that you can perform your daily activities.

Some of the conditions we treat are:

• ACL injuries

• Arthritis

• Bursitis/Tendonitis (Shoulder)

• Compression Fractures

• Dislocation, Instability (Shoulder)

• Elbow pain

• Foot & Ankle Pain

• Frozen Shoulder/Adhesive


• Headaches

• Knee Pain

• Knee Sprain/Strain

• Labrum Tear

• Low Back Pain

• Meniscal Injury

• Piriformis Syndrome

• Post-surgery Rehab (Shoulder)Fractures

• Rotator Cuff Injuries

• Sciatica

• Shoulder Pain

• Spondylolisthesis

• Sprain / Strain [Shoulder]

• Temporal Mandibular Joint (TMJ) Dysfunction

• Trochanteric Bursitis