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I love Mount Prospect Health Center . They have been so caring to me during my time of need after my accident. The whole staff are very welcoming every time you come in and make you feel like family. They always make Sure that your feeling well an comfortable . They have to best massage which I can’t get enough of . If your having pain or need therapy this is definitely the place to come .

The staff is very well organized and professional! They made going to therapy a pleasant experience. I would definitely recommend this center to anyone looking for any help!
Adrian Romero

The doctor and staff are very friendly and the place is very clean. I was recently hit by a car almost a year ago. Dr. McSweeney he is the greatest when you have pain you should go there. He gave me neck and back exercises to do and I do them everyday I feel so much better thanks to him, I was going there for a long time. I had to do physical therapy and the physical therapist is the best very friendly cares about you as a human being.They both are I would give 10 stars if I could!
Brenda Pizapio
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At Mount Prospect Health Center we provide Physical Therapy in order to promote mobility, strengthening, and increase functioning while eliminating pain. Some of the physical therapy techniques used in our practice are manual therapy, massage, heat or cold therapy and therapeutic exercises.

During your first visit, our physical therapist will do a thorough examination of your condition and will help you establish your goals to then develop a treatment plan to work with you.

Our goal is to combine both therapies (Chiropractic and Physical therapy) to help you reduce the pain while improving your mobility so that you can perform your daily activities.

Some of the conditions we treat are:

• ACL injuries

• Arthritis

• Bursitis/Tendonitis (Shoulder)

• Compression Fractures

• Dislocation, Instability (Shoulder)

• Elbow pain

• Foot & Ankle Pain

• Frozen Shoulder/Adhesive


• Headaches

• Knee Pain

• Knee Sprain/Strain

• Labrum Tear

• Low Back Pain

• Meniscal Injury

• Piriformis Syndrome

• Post-surgery Rehab (Shoulder)Fractures

• Rotator Cuff Injuries

• Sciatica

• Shoulder Pain

• Spondylolisthesis

• Sprain / Strain [Shoulder]

• Temporal Mandibular Joint (TMJ) Dysfunction

• Trochanteric Bursitis