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Accident Injury

Auto Accident Doctor in Newark, NJ

The Role of Chiropractors in Treating Back and Neck Pain After a Car Accident

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Are you struggling to manage pain from a recent car crash injury? Finding the right auto accident doctor near you is the first step toward recovery. At Mount Prospect Health Center, we believe in treating your injuries with compassionate, comprehensive, and medically proven strategies.

Physical therapy and chiropractic care are two effective solutions we utilize to help reduce our patients’ chronic pain and immobility after their accidents. 

If you want to avoid invasive drugs and surgeries, consider hiring our certified doctors, who are experienced in relieving pain through natural, integrative methods. We make booking your appointment at Mount Prospect Health Center easy with online scheduling and friendly over-the-phone customer service.   

Do You Need Auto Accident Injury Treatment in Newark, NJ?

Data from the New Jersey Department of Transportation shows that nearly 43,000 auto accidents caused injuries in 2020. While many of these collisions only resulted in minor scrapes and bruises, emergency services hospitalized hundreds of motorists for life-threatening injuries.

Knowing when to seek medical attention for an auto accident injury in Newark, NJ, is essential. By getting help early, you can avoid developing permanent injuries, balance problems, and other serious health conditions. 

Common Auto Accident Injuries

Our auto accident doctors help patients recover from muscle strains, hip discomfort, and soreness. We also have the skills to treat the symptoms of severe conditions like spinal misalignment and nerve damage safely. Some patients notice an improvement in their health after the first visit, while others require long-term care.

Our physicians specialize in techniques to treat dozens of different car crash injuries. They have years of experience planning and deploying therapies suited to each patient’s age and medical history. You can be confident that we have all the tools and wisdom we need to help you manage your injury and support you as you recover from your injury.

Enhance Your Medical Treatment

Do you feel persistent pain while healing from a recent procedure? Our chiropractic services target and help alleviate surgery-related discomfort

Our physical therapists also identify trigger points between joints and muscles that may become stiff after trauma, especially car accidents. We reduce tension to restore muscle strength with safe techniques and clinical equipment.

What to Expect During Your Visit

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports over 730 employed chiropractors in New Jersey. At Mount Prospect Health Center, you can schedule an appointment with an experienced chiropractor who knows how to help you recover from your accident injury through gentle adjustments.

During your initial consultation, you can expect honest communication from your auto accident doctor. We take the time to understand the details and severity of your injury to assess your condition and determine a practical treatment plan. 

We provide a clean and welcoming space to receive treatment. Relax in a comfortable environment while our friendly staff discusses your options and gets you the help you need.

Developing a Comprehensive Treatment Plan

Our accident doctors will review X-rays and medical reports that help them identify the source of your pain. After collecting all the essential information, your primary care physician will discuss appropriate therapy solutions and expectations. Multiple treatment methods may be necessary to restore physical mobility and comfort for some patients.

We will personalize your treatment so that you can pursue a fast recovery. You won’t need to worry about missing appointments due to work, school, or other activities. Our flexible booking options allow you to plan visits around your busy schedule. 

Seeing Your Accident Doctor

During your treatment, our doctors will educate you about your condition in simple terms you can understand. This way, you have all the information you need to file a personal injury claim with your insurance company.

We will guide you through light exercises to restore muscle strength and endurance. Our gentle, hands-on approach prevents other injuries from developing during these treatments.

As the most trusted car accident doctors in Newark, we give you all the resources you need to monitor and manage your pain at home. Our physicians explain which activities to avoid while you recover and what to do if you notice symptoms reemerge.

Recovering From Injuries

Our mission is to improve the comfort and happiness of all our patients. However, the path toward recovery can be long and challenging for some. We promise to stay by your side from the beginning of your treatment to the end. 

If we discover new health concerns that require additional medical attention, our team can refer you to the right specialists.

Which Car Accident Injury Treatment in Newark, NJ, Is Right for You?

Physical therapy may be right for you if you manage pain from sprains, strains, or other muscle injuries. Lower back pain is also a common problem for those involved in car accidents. Clinical data published in the Turkish Journal of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation suggests that most people who undergo physical therapy for lower back pain notice significant improvements after just a few months of treatment.

Did you experience broken bones or other traumatic accident injuries from your collision? Our doctors can enhance your treatment with medical diagnostic technology and state-of-the-art chiropractic adjustment tools.

Speak to an Experienced Car Accident Doctor in Newark, NJ

Why wait to see a physician you can trust? Connect with a car accident doctor in Newark, NJ, today. At Mount Prospect Health Center, we proudly serve our local community with world-class medical care and advice. We believe everyone deserves compassionate, knowledgeable care, so we work hard to ensure every patient receives the attention they need, regardless of their health concerns.

Our doctors accept most insurance plans, including New Jersey PIP (personal injury protection), no-fault, and workers’ compensation.  

Choose our team to learn more about how to treat back injuries after a car accident

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