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7 Reasons A Car Accident Chiropractor Can Help After A Crash

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People who suffer spinal injuries or other very serious ailments in motor vehicle accidents frequently seek treatment from chiropractors. After a crash, neck pain and body pain can affect one’s range of motion and quality of life. An auto accident chiropractor finds pain sources and treats conditions that result from traumatic impacts on the body.

Newark chiropractic services evaluate and identify how to treat you and develop a care plan that provides pain relief and helps the healing process. It’s essential to seek treatment immediately when injured in a car accident. Quick follow-up reduces the chances of chronic conditions and gets you back to your daily life activities faster.

Here are seven reasons an auto accident injury chiropractor is essential to your recovery process.

1. Diagnosis and Management of Pain Areas

Automobile accidents cause trauma to many parts of your body. Whiplash is a painful and sometimes chronic condition that occurs when the neck moves backward and forward rapidly in a whipping motion. Whiplash injuries often result in neck sprains, impaired head movement, and strains to the muscles in the neck and shoulder regions.

It takes weeks to months or longer to recover from this type of injury. A chiropractor from Mount Prospect Health Center does a thorough examination to find the extent of the damage and determine how to relieve your pain.

These are potential problems with ongoing whiplash:

  • Range of motion limitation
  • Vertebrae displacement
  • Spinal column compression
  • Limb pain from nerve agitation

Since long-term complications from serious neck strains are possible, it is imperative to get an accurate diagnosis. Nerve pain from whiplash may become a chronic issue without proper attention.

Soft tissue injury is another painful outcome of auto accidents. This type of injury happens when ligaments, tendons, and muscles encounter impact trauma in an accident. This can impair your ability to function. Signs of swelling and bruising are possible. Whiplash is a soft tissue injury, but tissue damage occurs in other parts of the spinal column and different body parts.

On your first visit to an auto accident chiropractor, you will have a consultation with one of our doctors to discuss your current health concerns and review other health-related conditions. You discuss treatment options relevant to your needs. You receive a complete examination at a Newark chiropractic clinic to locate the sources of your pain. With your consent, we do other postural, physical, neurological and orthopedic tests to get a complete health picture. Your treatment often begins at your first appointment.

2. Improve Range of Motion

The loss of range of motion is a debilitating aspect of auto injuries. The ability to move freely without hurting is a necessary part of daily life. Injuries to the spine make it challenging to concentrate or perform basic tasks. They inhibit your work activities, home life, and social outings due to pain associated with chronic inflammation and agitation.

Without the care of a car accident chiropractor, your movement may deteriorate from a lack of flexibility and mobility. Chronic pain might lead to degenerative conditions that affect your health. Your treatment regimen improves your range of motion by supporting the movement of joints and muscles and limiting scar tissue.

Your chiropractor will manually adjust your spinal column and manipulate bones and joints to realign them into natural positions. They perform adjustments to stabilize the vertebrae, reduce stress on the spine, and stimulate ways to heal. If warranted by your condition, you might need X-rays, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), or electromyogram (nerve dysfunction) studies to discover serious spine problems.

3. Help With Inflammation

Inflammation is common after a car accident. The joint mechanics of the body are finely tuned, and the impact of a crash causes imbalances throughout your system. This leads to inflammation as the body attempts to cope with and protect injured areas. Often, there is a delay in inflammatory responses because body reaction time lags.

It is essential to seek auto accident treatment right away. A personal injury chiropractor treats delicate issues, such as microtears in tendons and ligaments that might not be visible on an X-ray. Through manipulations that restore spinal alignment, a Newark chiropractor supports the body’s natural healing mechanisms. The spinal column interconnects with every system in the body. Good spinal placement allows the release of natural anti-inflammatory chemicals that reduce swelling and irritation.

4. Reduce Need for Medication

After a car accident, prescribed medications reduce pain. While medications may provide temporary relief, they tend to mask symptoms. When you reduce your medication use, you may experience a surprising increase in pain. Some pain-relief drugs are addictive, so relying on medication is not a long-term solution for your discomfort.

One important study found that chiropractic treatment lowered prescription medication rates, thus lowering the cost of treatments. Chiropractic care is about identifying and treating your injuries with methods that support your body. It is a therapeutic practice that addresses the direct cause of the problem to manage your pain.

5. Limit Scar Tissue

Scar tissue builds up after an injury as protection against further harm. This is one of the body’s essential defense mechanisms. The problem with scar tissue is it impedes mobility and causes persistent pain.

Many people report stiffness and soreness in affected areas. A car accident chiropractor restores mobility using stretches and manipulations to break up the damaged tissue. Soft tissue mobilization techniques loosen connective structures allowing for greater mobility.

Use injuries also cause scar tissue. Bodily injuries from a car accident cause individuals to overcompensate with other parts of the body. Typically, these areas need treatment because of wear and tear. Chiropractic visits keep all these issues in check. You can talk to your Newark chiropractic specialist as new pains surface, so you get immediate treatment.

6. Provide Non-Invasive Treatment Measures

In 2019, almost 60,000 people suffered car accident injuries in New Jersey. Often, people don’t know where to turn for pain relief. Many injuries respond to natural healing methods, especially for soft-tissue injuries, so non-invasive care is a popular treatment choice after car accidents.

So, what are invasive care measures? Basically, these are surgeries to repair injuries, tests that include incisions, or equipment used to enter the body. Invasive procedures cause additional trauma that requires time to heal. Invasive procedures carry risk. Recuperation time varies, and you may need medication for pain.

Your chiropractic care relies on non-invasive techniques. A Newark chiropractor listens to your concerns after an accident because it is vital to understand what your body reveals. Consultations inform your treatment objectives and lay a baseline for your continued care into the future.

Headaches are good examples of why non-invasive treatment is vital for car accident injuries. You may experience headaches after the accident. When a collision occurs, the neck contorts from the force. With a few hours or days, the stiffness may impair movement.

Chiropractors use manipulation and other techniques to relax the musculature before aligning the spine. This process may take a few weeks or longer, but total healing may be possible with consistent care. Non-invasive care can provide a good outcome without added trauma.

7. Support Long-Term Health Care

Once the pain subsides after car accident injuries, chiropractic care benefits your long-term health goals. Here are some of the ways continued spinal alignments from your car accident chiropractor support your well-being.

Improved Nervous System Function

Your nervous system encounters intense shock from an accident. The spinal cord is an extension of the central nervous system and relays messages from the brain. Spine damage can trigger a range of effects on the nervous system. An auto accident chiropractor adjustment helps restore nervous system functions.

Improved Flexibility

Injuries reduce mobility. Part of the problem is muscle sprains and strains affect flexibility. A chiropractic adjustment uses controlled force to improve motion and get parts working in unison. Improving flexibility is essential to support all systems of the body.

Improved Joint Health

Good joint health is necessary for wellness. Injuries that impede joint functions often lead to other systemic problems. Chronic pain is a common complaint. Talk to your chiropractor about joint pain after an accident or lingering pain areas. Manipulations of joints and stretches of muscles and tendons can offer significant relief.

Discover Integrative Wellness

Our team believes in natural, integrative treatment. The body possesses the ability to heal itself with supportive, wellness approaches. Our Newark chiropractor methods work with the body to recover its inherent mobility.

The key is to restore balance in ways that work for you because your body knows what it needs to be well and responds accordingly. Natural healing methods provide care without invasive procedures, unneeded drugs and injections or unnecessary surgeries. As a patient, you know the details of your care plan every step of the way.

Work With an Auto Accident Chiropractor in New York Today

An auto accident chiropractor provides the treatment you need for severe pain following a car crash. At Mount Prospect Health Center, we accept auto accident victims and help them recover by designing a care plan to meet their health objectives.

We welcome you as a family member and support your overall wellness journey. Please contact us to schedule your first appointment today!