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The Different Chiropractic Techniques That Help Relieve Pain

The Different Chiropractic Techniques That Help Relieve Pain

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If you struggle to manage pain, it may be time to see a chiropractor. These qualified professionals have all the tools and wisdom they need to administer safe and effective treatment. 

Still, not all chiropractic techniques yield the same advantages. 

Chiropractors at Mount Prospect Health Center summarize how these various treatment options relieve pain.

When To See a Chiropractor in Newark, NJ

Most patients choose to see a chiropractor when severe pain interferes with their quality of life. In most cases, this pain may occur in the muscles, joints, hips, and back. Chiropractic adjustment techniques allow certified professionals to manipulate soft tissue and the positioning of the vertebrae to relieve pain fast. 

A chiropractor in Newark, NJ, will personalize your treatment according to your age, weight, and medical history. These physical therapists treat many ailments, including:

  • Neck pain
  • Headache and stress
  • Balance problems
  • Localized pain in the arms and legs
  • Spinal misalignment
  • Cramps
  • Injury
  • Insomnia

Discuss your condition and ask about options during a consultation with your chiropractor in Newark, NJ. These therapists may also provide educational pamphlets and recommend dietary changes to enhance recovery results.

The Most Effective Techniques

Now that you understand what a chiropractor can treat, let’s explore what to expect during your visit. 

These professionals utilize scientifically proven techniques that target specific muscles and joints to release tension. For example, the flexion distraction method helps loosen muscles and reduces disc bulging. 

Additionally, these professionals use adjusting instruments, like the activator tool, to realign the spine with rapid motion.

Activator Method

This method targets minor and severe back pain by sending a series of quick impulses directly to the affected area. The chiropractor can then make unobstructed muscle adjustments to the back.

The activator method works best for treating localized pain near the spine. Still, these chiropractic techniques may also benefit areas around the vertebrae, such as those in the shoulder region.

Spinal Mobilization

Spinal mobilization, or spinal manipulation, refers to a technique therapists use to move vertebrae back into the correct position. When you hear about chiropractors “cracking necks”, this technique probably comes to mind.

Nevertheless, this treatment offers a gentle way to readjust spinal alignment and improve joint function. If you manage pain due to poor posture or injury, this treatment may be right for you.

Gonstead Method

The Gonstead technique is another effective form of spinal realignment that treats stiffness and excessive back pain. Most clinicians practice this technique because it proves highly effective for patients of all ages. 

A therapist will administer this treatment while the patient lies on their side. They will then target areas of the pelvis or back and release tension through gentle pressure.

Flexion Distraction

Flexion distraction facilitates spinal movement and prevents herniations. Patients extend across a table while the therapist gently bends and detracts their vertebrae in short intervals. 

These chiropractic techniques may be appropriate for those who experience pain in their lumbar region following a car accident or sports injury.

Some patients even testify that this technique induces relaxation and reduces pain immediately.

Thompson Method

The Thompson method makes an excellent option for pregnant women or those who want to correct spinal curvature. 

This drop-table technique uses gravity and low-pressure force to manipulate the muscles and vertebrae. A professional will use a therapeutic table and make slight adjustments while thrusting gently into pain points.

Chiropractors typically use this method to improve posture and make symmetrical corrections.

The Importance of Visiting a Car Accident Chiropractor

The Importance of Visiting a Car Accident Chiropractor

Car accidents can cause significant injuries that may not always be visible at a glance. If you experience considerable pain following a collision, visit a car accident chiropractor, like those at Mount Prospect Health Center.

These physical therapists reduce pain fast with the above techniques. Moreover, they prevent spinal misalignment from adversely affecting your hips and legs.

Serious injuries can cause long-term pain, such as migraines, immobility, and fatigue. Fortunately, a car accident chiropractor at Mount Prospect Health Center can help you correct pain using years of medical experience.

These professionals provide a safe and comfortable environment to receive treatment. In addition, they offer world-class communication, so you know what to expect during your visit.

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