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Length for Post-Car Accident Physical Therapy

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There is no single answer to how long you will need car accident physical therapy in Newark, NJ, as it varies based on your injuries, recovery process, and other factors. Even so, some general trends will let you know how long you are likely to need physical therapy.

Average Length of Physical Therapy After a Car Accident

The average length of physical therapy after an accident is between three and six weeks. That being said, some people will only need a few weeks to recover while others will need months.

What Determines Your Physical Therapy Timeline

With such a large variation in how long physical therapy may last after a car accident, it can help to know what influences how long you will have to keep visiting the physical therapist. The Injury It should go without saying that your injury will significantly influence how long you have to be in physical therapy. Whiplash, for example, may require up to three months of physical therapy, while a fracture may just take six to eight weeks, depending on where it occurs. The Hidden Injuries Your treatment length will also depend on the extent of your hidden injuries, such as how much energy was transferred to your body in the accident, which depends on the force involved. You are more likely to need more sessions to deal with general stiffness and lack of mobility after a more forceful accident. Your Previous Health It will also depend on your general health, including whether you had any previous injuries that affect your recovery process. For example, old scar tissue can increase the number of physical therapy sessions you need.

Why Physical Therapy Matters After a Car Accident

If you are thinking about skipping a physical therapy appointment, think again. Auto accident physical therapy is crucial to your recovery and helps in several key ways, so don’t miss it if you are in one of the 6 million car accidents in the US each year. Gets You Back to Normal – Or As Close As Possible Physical therapy will help you heal better after an accident. Your physical therapist will work with you to reduce pain and stiffness and improve your range of motion. With the help of your physical therapist, you will slowly but steadily regain your ability to complete daily tasks and return to your normal life, or as close to your everyday life as your injuries allow you to. Reduces Pain By improving your mobility and helping you get back to your daily life, physical therapy after an accident can also reduce pain. Part of the pain reduction also comes from the fact that you are getting exercise without overstraining your injuries. Prevents Complications and Long-term Issues Having car accident physical therapy in Newark, NJ, can also reduce the risk of long-term complications or other problems. If you do not take care of your injuries, reduced mobility, or stiffness early on, it can lead to chronic pain or other prolonged issues. You may even develop migraines without proper physical therapy.

Cost of Physical Therapy Following an Accident

The good news is that New Jersey PIP insurance covers the cost of your auto accident physical therapy. This way, you do not have to worry about trying to budget for the care or choosing between paying bills and getting better.