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When to See a Chiropractor for Neck Pain

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Somewhere around 20 to 70 percent of all adults will have neck pain that will interfere with their daily lives. You might have neck pain when you get up if you did not sleep right. Or it might happen at the end of the day when you are under a lot of stress. There is a difference between stiffness and pain that is so bad you can’t do anything else. Luckily, you can get help from a neck pain chiropractor.

When You Should Visit a Chiropractor for Your Neck Pain

You will want to visit a chiropractor if the pain is worse in the morning and gets better. You should also see one if you have pain that does not get better with various home treatments. For instance, you might choose to use ice to help reduce swelling and inflammation in your neck. If the pain and swelling do not go away with this treatment or come back soon afterward, you should visit the chiropractor.

Benefits of Chiropractic Neck Adjustment

Getting a neck adjustment from your chiropractor is a natural way to relieve your pain without the need for surgery or medication. Your chiropractor can make these adjustments effectively and safely. You might sit on a traction table while they physically manipulate the area. During the adjustment, the chiropractor can restore your neck alignment and reduce inflammation. The process can reduce tension and pressure on the sore area. You can also have your range of motion restored. Your chiropractor can reduce the tension in the muscles, as well. The process only has rare and mild risks.

What Will a Chiropractor Do for Neck Pain?

Your chiropractor might have you do some stretching to help loosen stiff muscles in your neck. You might want to tense the muscles as you move your head around. It is best to avoid overextending the neck, however. That can lead to more harm than good. You can also have a neck adjustment done as part of your chiropractic neck pain treatment. The chiropractor will do a physical exam of the area and ask you questions about your condition. They might ask about your neck pain history, symptoms, or what makes it worse. The chiropractor might see how well the neck moves. They will see if there is tingling in your hands or arms and check for tenderness. It is a great idea to see a chiropractor if you have neck pain, especially if you know that specific movements might make it worse. If you had an injury, it is even more critical for you to seek treatment.

Closing Thoughts

You might not know that 5 percent of people suffering from neck pain might become disabled because of it. The reason might be partly because they did not get treatment when they needed it. The good news is that getting chiropractic care for neck pain as soon as possible will help you reduce the chances of your condition becoming chronic. By: Dr. Terry McSweeney Dr. McSweeney is certified in Manipulation Under Anesthesia and is a member of both the New Jersey Chiropractic Society and American Chiropractic Society; he is also a board member of the Mount Prospect Partnership and director of Mayor Quintana’s Health Program. Click here to learn more.

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