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What to Expect at the Chiropractor

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People visit the chiropractor for a variety of reasons. More than 35 percent of patients are there due to back pain, while around 20 percent get chiropractic treatment for neck pain or whiplash. Chiropractors also treat people for auto accident injuries, work-related incidents, sports injuries, headaches, repetitive motion injuries, and so much more. If you’re about to go to the chiropractor for the first time, you want to know what to expect. Get the details so you’ll be ready for your appointment. Consultation You will begin with a consultation. If you have any diagnostic test results, bring them with you to the consultation so the chiropractor can look them over. Don’t worry if you don’t have test results, though. He or she can still help you overcome your symptoms. During the consultation, the chiropractor will ask you questions about your pain. The provider will also inquire about past injuries you’ve experienced and any medical conditions you have. Then, the chiropractor will perform an exam to check your muscle tone, strength, range of motion, and more. This information will help the chiropractor understand the nature of your condition and begin to formulate a treatment. Diagnostic Testing You might need to undergo diagnostic testing at your first visit. If the chiropractor thinks the problem is bone-related, he or she will have you undergo an X-ray. However, if the provider thinks you have a soft tissue injury, such as a torn muscle or slipped disc, you will need to undergo an MRI after a month of treatment. It’s a good idea to choose a chiropractic office that’s part of a multidisciplinary practice. That way, you won’t have to leave the office to get diagnostic tests run. Diagnosis After the tests are run, you will receive your diagnosis. When your chiropractor diagnoses you, he or she will also go over the treatment plan. Also, the chiropractor will explain how long he or she expects treatment to last. Treatment times vary depending on the injury. For example, if you have acute lower back pain, you might need 12 sessions spread out over a month. However, if the pain is chronic, or if you have a bulged or herniated disc, your treatment plan might include maintenance care. The Treatment You might begin treatment at your first visit. If that’s the case, your treatment will likely consist of a chiropractic adjustment. You will go into a treatment room where you will either lie face up or face down on a table or sit up and set you up with electric stimulation. The provider will gently move the body part that’s being treated and then use either a gentle manipulation technic called activator, or a thrusting motion to put it back into alignment. Don’t be alarmed if you hear a popping sound during the adjustment. This is just the sound of air bubbles, and it’s not painful. When the adjustment is over, the chiropractor might palpate your area of pain and provide some stretching. Then, you will schedule your next appointment and go home. You might leave with additional instructions regarding exercises or ice therapy. Scheduling Your First Appointment Today Now that you know what to expect, you can take the next step and make your first appointment. Once you are evaluated and diagnosed, your chiropractor will create a treatment plan, and you can begin the recovery process. Call (973) 485-2332 today to schedule your appointment with a top chiropractor in Newark, NJ. We accept most insurance plans, including NJ PIP for auto accident injuries. Same-Day appointments may be available, call us today!

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