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Chiropractors treat an estimated 35 American children and adults each year. Many of those children and adults have been injured in accidents. Go over some reasons you should see a chiropractor after an accident.

An Effective Line of Defense Against Pain

If you’ve been in an accident, you’re likely suffering from pain. Chiropractic treatment is often used as the first line of defense against pain. Research has shown that chiropractic manual-thrust manipulation is even more effective than usual medical care in reducing pain.

Chiropractors treat the root of the problem and reduce inflammation, which alleviates pain. The treatment also causes your body to release pain-relieving hormones that will make you feel much better. Because it’s so effective, you can move past your pain without having to take prescription medications.

Restore Range of Motion

You might have lost some of your range of motion as a result of the accident. If that’s the case, even the simplest of activities can seem difficult. Fortunately, your chiropractor can improve your range of motion by aligning your spine and reducing inflammation. Once you get your range of motion back, you’ll feel much better.

Avoid Long-Term Issues

You might have a minor injury that you think you can ignore. However, that could cause it to turn into something major. When you visit a chiropractor now, you can avoid the injury turning into a long-term problem. That’s the only way to fully move past the accident and get on with your life.

Faster Recovery

You want to recover quickly so you can get back to life as normal. That’s much easier to do when you visit a chiropractor. Chiropractic treatments promote blood flow and reduce inflammation, which speeds up healing. Also, the treatments break up scar tissue. This also makes it easier for your body to heal. If you’re tired of dealing with symptoms of your injury, it’s time to consider chiropractic treatments.

Non-Invasive Treatment

Many people have avoided surgery by getting chiropractic treatments. This is always ideal. Surgery can lead to complications, and you might not ever completely recover. By choosing a non-invasive treatment instead, you won’t have to worry about those dangerous and life-changing side effects that could follow you for the rest of your life.

Treat Hidden Injuries

If you were in an auto accident, you might have hidden injuries that haven’t shown up on X-rays. This might include tendon or muscle tears that are causing pain and reducing your range of motion. Because chiropractors heal the entire body, they can even address those hidden injuries that your primary care provider missed. That will help you feel much better.

Get an Evaluation Today

With so many benefits, there’s no reason to wait to see a chiropractor near you. Schedule a consultation today so you can begin to heal from your auto accident injuries in New Jersey. You should notice an improvement after the first session, and you will continue to get better until you’ve recovered. Then, you can go back to life before the accident. It will be like that accident never happened.

Call (973) 485-2332 today to schedule your appointment with an experienced auto accident chiropractor in Newark, NJ. We accept most insurance plans, including NJ PIP, for auto accident injuries. We also offer physical therapy in our Newark location. Same-Day appointments may be available, call us today!

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