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How Beneficial Is Physical Therapy for Car Accident Victims?

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Each year, thousands of New Jersey residents seek treatment at an emergency department for injuries sustained in a car accident. Also, more than 12,000 residents are hospitalized for injuries. Still, others visit specialists to begin the road to recovery. Many of these patients benefit from physical therapy after an auto accident in New Jersey. Get the details to understand the benefits of physical therapy after a car accident. Reduce Pain If you’ve been in a car accident, you’re probably dealing with lots of pain. The pain makes it difficult to move around and enjoy your life. Fortunately, your physical therapist can use passive and active techniques to reduce pain. Passive pain relief techniques include electrical muscle stimulation and ice/heat therapy. Active techniques refer to stretches and exercise. These techniques have multiple benefits, including taking pressure off nerves. Avoid Prescription Pain Medication Because physical therapy alleviates pain in a safe and natural way, you can avoid taking prescription medication. Prescription medication is addictive and can cause health problems. Also, if you are on prescription pain medication, you can’t drive and might have to wait even longer to go back to work. Recover Faster You want to recover quickly after a car accident, and your physical therapist can help. Your physical therapist will focus on increasing flexibility and strength in the injured area. This promotes healing, so you can put your injuries behind you much faster. Reduce the Chance of Getting Surgery Many car accident victims are surprised when their doctors recommend surgery years down the road. They figure that since their injuries didn’t immediately require surgery, they never will. However, normal wear and tear can aggravate the injury, causing the need for surgery. You can lessen the chance of needing surgery down the road by going to physical therapy after your accident. Your therapist will use techniques to strengthen and protect the injured area. That way, wear, and tear won’t affect it as much. Increase Stability You might be a little unstable right after your accident. This can cause you to fall and injure yourself yet again. Physical therapy is an excellent way to strengthen your core, so you’ll become more stable. This will reduce your risk of falling. Keep Healing at Home When you go to physical therapy, you will also get exercises to complete at home. That means you can continue to work toward getting better. You can also use the exercises to alleviate symptoms if they arise. For instance, if you feel tight or in pain, you can do your physical therapy exercises at home. Make Physical Therapy a Part of Your Recovery Program If you want to shorten the time it takes to recover, alleviate pain, and more, it’s time to contact a reputable physical therapy facility near you. Your therapist will evaluate you and create a customized treatment plan. Then, you can get to work. With your physical therapist’s help, you will enjoy these benefits and so many more. Most importantly, you will be much closer to moving past your car accident. Call (973) 485-2332 today to schedule your appointment with an experienced physical therapist in Newark, NJ. We accept most insurance plans, including NJ PIP, for auto accident injuries. We also offer chiropractic car after an accident. Same-Day appointments may be available, call us today!